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DISCLAIMER: The art on this page is not fully original fan art. All cards presented on this page use art either used in, or art greatly modified from: X-Wing The Miniatures Game, (X-Wing:TMG), Imperial Assault, or Star Wars: Armada, or other Star Wars properties of Fantasy Flight Games. These cards are an unauthorized game aid, intended to be used as a tool to assist and are presented as-is. The intellectual property rights to this material is the sole original property of Lucasfilm, and protected by their trademarks and copyright. This site is in no way affiliated to Lucasfilm or Fantasy Flight Games, and I do not claim any ownership of the characters or work depicted below. These cards are not a substitute for components from X-Wing: The Minatures Game, are intended to be used in addition to XWTMG material and are inadmissible as replacements to official FFG events. I do not profit from any of the material on this site.

What is this page?

erratacards2.pngSince the size of the X-wing FAQ has expanded past what a number of players can quickly recall in a match, I’ve done my best to put together the original art for each upgrade cards that has received Errata in XWTMG. I’ve taken the liberty of building them in larger full art format for your use, with FAQ-current text. Additionally, each card is presented with the full errata clarification text on the reverse, to assist in your games. In every case possible I have modified the original art to make it suitable for use in full art form. In cases where this was not possible, I have substituted appropriate artwork previously licensed and used in other FFG properties, such as Armada.
When neither of the above could be satisfied, I have used my own art. I hope this all stays within fair use and simply improves your enjoyment of the game. If I am contacted by FFG and asked to remove these, I will do so immediately, as the intention is to simply assist players with the game we all enjoy so much!

Please do NOT try to pass these off as official FFG material. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy to the letter of these cards, but these are NOT a substitute for having the rules manual or official FAQ at an official event. These cards are not counterfeit, nor to be used as counterfeit.
Please abide by these rules and let’s not step on any toes at FFG 🙂


Errata upgrades:

These files are ‘full bleed’, at 300DPI, and cropped (for home printing) which should be sufficient for any and all print requirements. Last update: May 5. 2017

These cards are current as of this edition of the FAQ, and include two alternate rear faces, in addition to the primary card face:
VERSION 4.3.2 / EFFECTIVE 03.17.2017

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Emperor Palpatine


Download Here – Emperor Palpatine

Accuracy Corrector


Download Here – Accuracy Corrector



Download Here – Autothrusters

Crack Shot


Download Here – Crack Shot



Download Here – Daredevil



Download Here – Deadeye

Expert Handling


Download Here – Expert Handling



Download Here – “Genius”



Download Here – Gunner

“Heavy Scyk” Interceptor


Download Here – “Heavy Scyk”

Lone Wolf


Download Here – Lone Wolf

Proximity mines


Download Here – Proximity Mines

Reinforced Deflectors


Download Here – Reinforced Deflectors

Salvaged Astromech

SAFnbGNBnb copy

Download Here – Salvaged Astromech

Stay on Target

SOTFnbSOTBnbEHBnb copy

Download Here – Stay on Target

Swarm Tactics

STFnbSTBnbEHBnb copy

Download Here – Swarm Tactics


TNFnbTNBnbGNRBnb copy

Download Here – Tactician



Download Here – TIE/x7


zknbGNRBnb copy

Download Here – Zuckuss